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"Recent" meaning everything since I left grad school.

Well, I haven't written much.

In November of '96, I wrote a book review for my employer at the time, GolfWeb.

On the poetic front, there have been a few fragments here and there. Among the more memorable ones:

"The streets are ash and I think of you often"

The light in your eyes
a dry heat as of afternoons
in silence penetrates the fog
the shroud of doubt I call my home

(Fall 1995)

You and Yours

It's one thing to tend to a heart rent to pieces,
another to yearn for the mere opportunity.

I gather the stillness each morning and evening
to take to the place where your image resides in me.

(October 1998)


What love is this
that one so lost
should once more ache?

(April 2001)


The lions of lethargy coil in wait,
a sliver of moonmeat asleep on my plate.
The unwilling sojourner simpers and cowers—
screws loose and wires crossed, my finest hour.

Apogee, perigee, all is revealed:
in the hour of planting my orders were sealed.
Take now this reticence; take now this sin.
Volume one, number one, here we begin.


The day will surely come when I
outgrow the stubborn confidence
that all of good must lie within
the bounds of my imagining

(December 2002)


o belonger, smarter than steel,
clean and shine,
protect and beautify

force majeure,
disinfect and whiten

man from glad,
deironize, deossify

unmoved mover, do the shake,
unmake the curse,
unhex the race

(March 2003)

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