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The Chamber Pot at the End of the Rainbow
...consists of three poems from the summer after high school graduation—meditations on loss, incompleteness, uncertainty, etc.

By way of an explanation

And if they should ask
for a proper explanation,
just say that all was lost
in the inexorable struggle
for peace of mind
and love like roman candles.

(May 1987)

Somewhere in Bessarabia

though actually doing nothing of the sort,
I came upon the hill
(then upoff it),
liberated a flutter lark
that had become loosely tangled in the breeze
and listened to her sweet song.

And though I recognized the tune,
I just couldn't remember the words.


(June 1987)

Understanding, or at least trying to

Once, for three seconds on a roller coaster,
I understood.
Life, love—all that stuff.
It made sense.
Sort of.
maybe not a lot of sense,
but enough.

(August 1987)

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