borrowed/cerulean: the wedding mix

because one can never get enough self-consciously arty lowercase text

  1. Learning the Game/The Bunch (Holly)

    british folkies cover a great buddy holly tune.

  2. Mighty Love/The Spinners (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

    one of the all-time peaks of philly soul

  3. Edge of the Ocean (Duotone Mix)/Ivy (Ivy)

    dreamy millennial pop

  4. On a Clear Day/P.M. Dawn (Cordes)

    a favorite since my grad school days

  5. You Just May Be the One/The Monkees (Nesmith)

    a great song in spite of its pronominal confusion

  6. It's Growing/Otis Redding (Moore/Robinson)

    the big o puts the memphis stamp on a motown number

  7. (I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear/Blondie (Valentine)

    people forget what a clever band they were.

  8. My Love Is/Little Willie John (Myles)

    featured in one of my favorite movies, john sayles' lone star

  9. It Could Happen to You/Jo Stafford (Burke/Van Heusen)

    featured in one of my favorite tv shows, the days and nights of molly dodd

  10. Kind Woman/Percy Sledge (Furay)

    great cover of a buffalo springfield original. makes one long for the days when there wasn't such a chasm between r&b and rock.

  11. Love Ritual (Remix)/Al Green (Green)

    could be about sex, transubstantiation, or both

  12. Spiritual High (State of Independence)/Moodswings with Chrissie Hynde (Anderson/Vangelis)

    slouching towards transubstantiation

  13. Legendary Hearts/Lou Reed (Reed)

    back to reality

  14. Which Will/Lucinda Williams (Drake)

    and a stark reality it is.

  15. In My Life/Johnny Cash (Lennon/McCartney)

    in which we fast-forward to the end of the tape

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