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Now, through the wonders of hypertext, you can visit some of the places that, for better or worse, have made an impression on me.

For 22 years, I called the Delaware Valley my home.

AACR: Just across the street from the Liberty Bell
The last of those years was spent working for the American Association for Cancer Research.

Someone with a lot of time on his hands has created a page devoted to my hometown, Berwyn, Pa.

Visitors to Berwyn will no doubt want to visit my old high school and my junior high (now a "middle school").

For some insight into my formative years in the Philly suburbs, take a look at the Selected Poems section of The Jim Archives.

New York, New York

My niece Anna in 1996.
That big city at the end of the Jersey Turnpike has become a regular stop on my eastern swings, now that my brother's family has settled on the bucolic shores of Roosevelt Island.

I now have two nieces, Anna and Kayla, and a nephew, Michael.

My brother works for the Fox News Channel, which claims it is less biased than CNN. However, they seem to interview a suspiciously large number of Republicans.

Tourist tip: The tram ride between Roosevelt Island and Manhattan belongs on any list of cheap New York thrills.


In 1992, I left kith and kin back East to start life anew as a grad student at UC-Berkeley.

Life in Cal's English Department had its ups and downs.

Enough downs, in fact, to make me leave the doctoral program.

But I did finish my master's thesis.

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