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Philly Sports: The Crash Course
I may live in the Bay Area now, but once a Philly sports nut, always a Philly sports nut.

This may be the digital age, but the papers are still the best source for the daily dirt on Philly sports.

The Inquirer is published seven days a week; it's essentially the Philadelphia area's white-collar paper. Much is made of the Pulitzer prizes that Inquirer staffers have won. The news reporting is top-notch; the sports coverage is adequate, but doesn't really get down-and-dirty.

The Daily News is a tabloid which bills itself as "The People's Paper" and appears Monday through Saturday. Editorially, it's no match for the Inquirer, but its sports section is more geared toward the hardcore fan. In the print version, the sports starts on the back page and works its way forward.

Interestingly enough, both newspapers are run by the same parent company, the Philadelphia Newspaper Group. Thus they share the same Web site, www.philly.com.

Best of the DIY Sites

Ben Trumbore's Eagles site is elegantly simple in layout, and includes just about every conceivable link to Eagles information.

Frank Thorpe's Flyers site has game recaps, team news, and links to relevant outside sources of Flyers material.

I'm still looking for worthwhile Phillies and Sixers sites to feature here. Wish me luck.

The Big Boys

Of course, there's plenty of information available from the sites whose business is sports.

In the past few years, CBS SportsLine (née SportsLine USA), has overtaken ESPN.com as the Web's most popular sports site.

My ex-boss from GolfWeb, John Marvel, still works for ESPN.com's parent company, Starwave. (At least I think he does.)

CNN/SI is a joint venture between CNN and Sports Illustrated magazine. Now it's part of that thousand-headed AOL/Time Warner beast.

A summary of the information available from the top comprehensive sports sites follows:

Information by Sport
  CBS SportsLine ESPN.com CNN/SI League's Official Site
Basketball SportsLine NBA ESPN NBA CNN/SI NBA NBA.com
Football SportsLine NFL ESPN NFL CNN/SI NFL NFL.com
Baseball SportsLine MLB ESPN MLB CNN/SI MLB MLB.com
Hockey SportsLine NHL ESPN NHL CNN/SI NHL NHL.com
Information by Team
  CBS SportsLine ESPN.com CNN/SI Team's Official Site
76ers SportsLine 76ers ESPN 76ers CNN/SI 76ers Sixers.com
Eagles SportsLine Eagles ESPN Eagles CNN/SI Eagles philadelphiaeagles.com
Phillies SportsLine Phillies ESPN Phillies CNN/SI Phillies Phillies.com
Flyers SportsLine Flyers ESPN Flyers CNN/SI Flyers philadelphiaflyers.com

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